mercoledì 4 giugno 2014

Windows 8 tablets are moving to smaller size

I recently decided to switch from iPad to a Windows 8 tablet because of its potential: the possibility to have a truly integrated platform across smartphone, tablet and PC. I decide to buy the Dell Venue 8 pro based on the great reviews it has on the web and the availability of OEM accessories (keyboard, stylus, case). I also considered getting a Toshiba Encore 8 tablet which has good price and features.
Windows 8 tablets are typically 8+ inches. Android most famous tablets are 7 inches (eg. Kindle Fire, Galaxy 7). Toshiba is now bringing the Windows 8 battle to Android, with a new 7-inch tablet - the Toshiba Encore 7 - developed with Microsoft and Intel. Like the bigger Encore 8, this tablet will run Intel's 1.33GHz Atom quadcore, and has 16GB of onboard storage.

Bringing down the cost of Windows tablets is something Microsoft is keen on. Both Dell and Toshiba's tablets are under 250$. Bear in mind that these devices can run as real PC and Dell also includes Office.

Unfortunately, just how much the Encore 7 will cost is unclear at this stage. Microsoft declined to price the slate, saying instead that Toshiba would give a specific figure at some point itself.

If the price for the Encore 7 will be in the range of $150, it could present a truly affordable alternative to Android without compromising on the Windows apps many are used to.

Hopefully the low price will not mean low quality. And ao far cheap Windows 8 tablets have had barely decent build quality and features.

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